DVD: Unstoppable

By admin
25 May 2011


2010. 163 min.

With Denzel Washington, Chris Pine and Rosario Dawson.

Director: Tony Scott.


Rating: 4/5

A goods train with the ironically lucky number 777 loses its driver and races unmanned at more than 110 km/h towards passenger carriages full of schoolchildren and small towns in Pennsylvania, America.

Tons of steel, 100 000 potential victims, less than 100 minutes until impact and explosives in some of the carriages have turned this train into a missile the size of New York’s 319-metre-tall Chrysler Building!

Director Tony Scott and his brother Ridley are masters of suspenseful action flicks.

This one is loaded with explosive sequences that will keep you glued. It’s the movie Speed on rails with unlikely heroes trying to save the day.

The non-stop excitement could go on for much longer and if you don’t have a giant TV screen and a surround-sound system your frustration will push your adrenaline level even higher.

Bonus: featurettes, commentary.

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