DVD: Wasted on the young

By admin
11 November 2011


2010. 93 min.

With Oliver Ackland, Alex Russell and Adelaide Clemens.

Director: Ben C Lucas.


Rating: 2/5 

By far most South African flick fans are so used to Hollywood formulas it’s sometimes hard for them to embrace a different way of doing things – and Wasted on the Young, an Australian film about high school intrigues, is indeed something else.

It’s about Darren (Ackland) and Zack (Russell), wealthy stepbrothers from a seemingly parentless home.

Darren, a shy nerd, is in love with the beautiful Xandrie (Clemens) and she likes him. Zack meanwhile is the most popular guy in school.

Zack throws one of his over-the-top parties and Darren can’t summon the courage to talk to Xandrie. Zack is jealous, spots an opportunity and he and his mates get Xandrie drunk, rape her and drop her unconscious body on a sand dune. Revenge, illusion, love, denial and violence result.

The story moves slowly and the detailed styling is gripping, but the movie sometimes tends to take itself too seriously.

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