DVD: What just happened

By admin
04 March 2011


2010. 100 min.

With Robert De Niro, Robin Wright Penn and Bruce Willis.

Director: Barry Levinson.


Rating; 2/5

Ben (De Niro) is a Hollywood movie producer juggling professional and personal woes.

He’s still in love with his second ex-wife (Penn) and struggling to guide his troubled teenage daughter (Kristen Stewart of Twilight fame) while desperately trying to get a British-born director (Michael Wincott) to edit a film starringSean Penn so the movie won’t flop at the box office.

Ben also has to persuade Willis, who stars as himself, to shave his beard for a role in a new movie.

The film is punted as a dark comedy detailing what really happens behind the scenes in Hollywood but it’s a let-down.

De Niro, lauded for his method acting, fails to convince in this role. Stewart also fails to capitalise on an opportunity to prove she’s more than just a sullen teen.

After 100 minutes I was left thinking, “What just happened?”

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