DVD: Youth in revolt

By admin
17 September 2011

Comedy. 2010.

85 min.

With Michael Cera, Portia Doubleday and Steve Buscemi.

Director: Miguel Arteta.


Rating: 4/5

NICK Twisp (Cera) is a geeky, eccentric teen with just one thing in mind: losing his virginity.

This becomes a possibility when his mom’s weird boyfriend must leave town in a hurry after a dodgy car deal and takes them to a holiday resort where Nick hooks up with a cute local girl, Sheeni (Doubleday).

She shares his love of all things French and Nick is convinced she’s the love of his life.

Then the holiday ends.

To be together they hatch a plan: Sheeni would get Nick’s unemployed dad (Buscemi) a job near where she lives and

Nick would do such bad things his mom would send him to live with his dad.

And as he’s egged on by his evil alter-ego – a chainsmoking, suave Frenchman called Francois – things very quickly get totally out of hand.

This is comedy anarchy of the best kind – think Superbad meets The Hangover – with ridiculous plot twists, outrageous characters and hysterical situations coming at you from all angles.

Best of all is Michael Cera who outshines his previous performances playing both the nerdy Nick and the cool Francois.

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