DW eleven-13: the new challenge on Khumo’s plate . . .

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02 August 2013

There is life after MasterChef South Africa and Khumo Twala (19) has proven it.

On Wednesday night we bid farewell to the young yet talented cook. She’d lost the elimination challenge set up by chef Andrea Burgener of award-winning Johannesburg restaurant The Leopard.

Judge Pete Goffe-Wood had encouraging words for Khumo as she said goodbye. “You’re 19 and we haven’t seen the best of you yet,” he said.

After the pre-recorded show Khumo went searching for a cooking school. “I eventually found one with fun cooking courses, in Pretoria. I went there to apply for a chocolate course and left there with an application for a culinary diploma. I thoroughly enjoyed being there. I got to increase my skill while exercising my creativity as a chef,” says Khumo.

As part of her course she had to find a job as an intern at a restaurant. “Thanks to this beautiful thing they call Twitter I saw that the restaurant DW eleven-13 was looking for chefs, so I called them and enquired.”

A few days later she met with the executive chef of this award-winning fine-dining restaurant in Johannesburg, Marthinus Fereirra, who then offered her an internship. “I thoroughly enjoy working there. DW eleven-13 is one of the best in the country and I'm so grateful to be working there, and to feed from their excellent culinary knowledge. If you want to be the best you have to learn from the best. Hopefully after this experience I will be a great chef!”

She might have been the sixth contestant to leave the MasterChef kitchen, but watch out for this dynamic girl . . .

-Loren Pienaar

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