Dylan Penn admires dad Sean's friendship with Madonna

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17 November 2015

Dylan Penn feels inspired to remain on good terms with her ex-boyfriends after witnessing how close her father Sean Penn and Madonna still are.

The Hollywood actor tied the knot with the pop sensation in 1985 and they split four years later. Sean went on to wed actress Robin Wright, who he has daughter Dylan and son Hopper with, while Madonna settled down with Guy Ritchie, although both their relationships have now ended.

'They are close friends and so cool with each other'

It's recently been rumoured that Sean and Madonna are rekindling their romance after being spotted together several times. Neither have addressed the reports, but Dylan (24) has confirmed the former couple remain on great terms.

“It was great to finally meet her; you grow up hearing stories of your dad and Madonna and their tumultuous relationship and they were so young,” Dylan explained to FOX411 of meeting the singer for the first time recently. “It was cool to meet this woman who knew my dad at such a young age, it was great! They are close friends and so cool with each other. It’s nice to see that respect still remains and there is still love for each other there. It makes me happy. It makes me think I can have that with my ex-boyfriends when we are older.”

Dylan is thought to be single after splitting from The Vampire Diaries actor Steven R. McQueen at the beginning of 2014. But she's been keeping herself busy with work and is currently gearing up for the release of her first feature film, Condemned. Luckily her famous dad was on hand to give advice during production.

“Watching myself on screen period was just the weirdest thing ever, and I can’t really describe it," she grinned. "It was bizarre. I don’t know if I will ever get used to that.

“My dad, when I started shooting, he said ‘the one thing I would tell you is obviously you are playing a character - you are playing someone who is not you, but if you have a line that is so not you or you wouldn’t say or you do something that feels false don’t do that.'"

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