Easy holiday crafts for kids

By admin
05 July 2013

Are you at the end of your tether trying to entertain your kids during the school holidays? Then be sure not to miss this regular holiday blog – every day we share fun activities children can try. Today: easy crafts for little ones.

Jigsaw puzzles

1 Cut a pretty picture from a magazine or photocopy or print it. If it’s a picture of something your child is interested in, such as a car or aeroplane, so much the better.

2 Glue the picture onto a piece of cardboard.

3 Using a pencil, draw puzzle shapes on the picture and cut them out. Scramble the pieces with your fingers then let your child put the puzzle together.

TIP Instead of using an existing picture, use one your child has drawn.

Greeting card for grandpa or grandma

Make a card using stickers, sparkles, pictures cut from magazines or whatever your child fancies. He or she also writes a message inside the card.

Something creepy

Make a bowl of oobleck – a mysterious substance kids can roll into balls or let drip from their fingers (the term comes from a Dr Seuss book).

1 Mix 1 cup water and a few drops of food colouring in a large mixing bowl.

2 Gradually mix in 2 cups of corn flour, stirring it in with a spoon and, when it starts to stiffen, working it in by hand.

T-shirt fun

Decorate old T-shirts with drawings and paint. Wear them when dry.

4 things to do with masking tape

* Make a hopscotch grid.

* Make a “tightrope” on which kids walk, step by step, to the musical beat without “falling off”. They should also walk backwards, and on tiptoes. This is an excellent way to help them develop better balance.

* Kids can colour pieces of masking tape and use the strips to decorate T-shirts.

* Use masking tape to outline the floor plan of a doll’s house. Let your child design the interior and decorate and fill it with furniture.

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