Eat this, not that

By admin
20 August 2013

Snacking is the downfall of many a dieter – your main meals are healthy, but the fatty, carb-heavy snacks you have throughout the day send your kilojoule intake through the roof.

Rather snack on these healthy alternatives:

  • Want something crunchy to munch on? Dig into some baby carrots – 50 g of chips contain more than 1 000 kilojoules, while the same amount of baby carrots has only 73. Dip them in hummus for a delicious snack.
  • Put your chocolate craving to rest by choosing dark chocolate over milk chocolate. Not only does dark chocolate have fewer kilojoules, but it also contains antioxidants.
  • Snack on protein rather than just carbs – the former keeps you fuller for longer, helping you cutting down on your kilojoule intake. Low-fat yoghurt is a convenient and tasty way to get more protein into your diet.


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