Eat this, not that

By admin
03 September 2013

Want to lose weight, but can’t say no to a delicious braai?

Make sure you have these healthy options available to cut down on the kilojoules.

  • Braai fish or chicken rather than lamb chops. A 200 g lamb chop has more than 2 600 kilojoules, while the same amount of chicken has only 1 632. A 200 g hake only has 577 kilojoules.
  • Potato salad is a braai favourite, but this carb-heavy side dish packs a punch when it comes to kilojoule content. A 100 g portion contains about 550 kilojoules. Compare that to the 63 kilojoules found in the same amount of garden salad.
  • Have two slices of garlic bread and you add an extra 800 kilojoules to your meal. A mealie only has 534 kilojoules.

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