Eddie Murphy inspired by 'terror'

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15 February 2015

Eddie Murphy's new song was inspired by frightening headlines.

The American star is better known for his stand up and movie work, but is getting ready to launch himself as a music star.

His track Oh Jah Jah has a reggae feel, with the lyrics alluding to social unrest and Eddie reveals he took inspiration from current world events.

'The urge to be on stage has never left me'

"The headlines. Acts of terror, the Ferguson shooting," he revealed to British magazine ShortList. "The second line is, 'The devil’s on the move and the world’s gone crazy.' Originally the line was, 'Ebola’s on the move.' I changed it to the devil so the song wouldn’t be dated."

Eddie (53) became a household name in the early 80s thanks to his stand up routines, and quickly made the successful move into film.

However he's just as passionate about music and admits his ultimate dream is to have his own band and play live, with some comedy thrown in too for the ultimate stage show.

"The urge to be on stage has never left me," he smiled before adding he has recorded with Snoop Dogg in the past.

"I’ve been in the studio with Ernie Isley, Sly Stone, Paul McCartney, B.B. King. And I’ve just put the song on the shelf. I could put an album out in any genre – except for heavy metal. Even jazz. Hard rock, pop, R&B – all that stuff will come out one day, even if it’s 100 years from now."

He's not turning his back on films just yet though. Hit 80s franchise Beverly Hills Cop has recently announced there will be a fourth instalment plus there are rumours Eddie will appear in Triplets, the sequel to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito’s 1988 movie Twins.

Eddie admits he has met with the two lead stars and writers, but hasn't yet committed.

"I tell you – I’m not doing anything unless the script’s incredible. I did some movies where they offer you a bunch of money and you go, 'OK, I’ll do it!' I’ve done enough of those – I don’t have to do them anymore. If Triplets comes together and it’s hysterically funny, I’ll do it," he divulged.

"Same with Beverly Hills Cop 4 – the last couple of scripts weren’t quite there."

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