EgyptAir crash: Black box signal 'detected’ from deep in Mediterranean Sea

By admin
01 June 2016

The underwater signals detected by the French naval vessel, Laplace has been confirmed to be from one of EgyptAir Flight 804's so-called black boxes.

Earlier today, speculation was rife that the signals are from the doomed aircraft which crashed into the sea on Thursday 19 May. Read more: No South Africans on board missing flight – Egypt Air
Since the crash there has been an uninterrupted search for the exact position of the black box which will give more insight into what caused the crash. On 24 May important personal belongings, life jackets, airplane seats and 80 body parts were recovered - although the body parts which were found are apparently only small pieces.

Rumours that the crash was an act of terror and that the plane was hit by a comet, are also doing the rounds.

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