Elderly Parkinson's sufferer still missing after wife's murder – and he only has hours to live without his medication

By Almari Wessels
20 February 2017

Despite his family's desperate pleas for help to track down their 66-year-old father who's been battling Parkinson's disease for the past two decades, Roger Solik, from Nottingham Road in KwaZulu-Natal, is still missing.

The Solik family reached out to South Africans on social media over the weekend with a gripping statement: Their mother, Christine Solik (57), has been murdered and their father is missing and only has a few hours to live without his medication.

"He's fought hard against Parkinson’s disease for 20 years. Daily medication is essential for his condition and, no matter how mentally fit he is, without his medication he will become totally dysfunctional within 48 hours."

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But more than 48 hours after his wife's murder Roger is still missing, confirmed Lt Col Thulani Zwane, a police spokesperson, to YOU. On Friday 17 February at 1 pm the police were alerted that a couple had gone missing in the Bend Country Estate when. A concerned neighbour had discovered their house had been ransacked and there were blood stains.

According to the family's statement, Christine's body was later found in a river 70 km from the couple's home and their car was found abandoned in a nearby area.

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"Our parents were inseparable and their relationship was something to aspire to. It's hard to understand that on their community farmland estate, with rolling hills and endless nature and neighbours 100 metres away, something so violent could happen," the family said.

The police didn't want to confirm that the body found in a river at Nzinga, Impendle, was in fact Christine's. "The police are still searching for the suspects and it cannot be confirmed whether the recovered body is that of a woman who was kidnapped pending the identification of the body," said Zwane, adding that the woman's legs and hands had been tied together with wire, she had sustained a head injury and was gagged with a pillow.

The Solik family said that the leadership and assistance shown to them by the police have given them hope. They ask that anyone with information on their father's whereabouts contact the police at 10111 or 083-777-0898.

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