Election results come in steadily, but Joburg and Cape Town lag behind

Nationally, a total of over 5,4 million votes had been counted by 9am.

The Western Cape was in a better position than Gauteng, where the metropole had reported a little vote counting by dawn and the City of Johannesburg still had to submit data.

Of the 2,9 million registered voters in the Western Cape, just over 1.1m votes had been counted on the national ballot and 1.1m on the provincial ballot by 8am.

In Gauteng, with over six million registered voters, 297,950 national ballots and 284,898 provincial ballot votes had been counted by around 7.30am.

And while the city of Johannesburg was moving at a snail's pace to provide data, the Tshwane metro -- with more than 1.4m registered voters -- had seen less than 1500 votes counted by 7.26am.

The Emfuleni municipality, south of Johannesburg, was also proportionately slow as 13,772 national votes and 13,511 provincial votes had been counted out of 358,891 registered voters.

Ekurhuleni, with 1 547 459 registered voters, had yet to cross the 10 percent mark in vote counting.

Vote counting for the other municipalities in Gauteng, including Mogale City, Lesedi, Randfontein, Midvaal, Westonaria, and Merafong City moved at a faster pace, given their smaller sizes.

Leading the election race was the African National Congress which had surpassed the three million votes mark before 9am.

The Democratic Alliance followed with more than a million votes.

The ANC had 3.2m votes, making up 60.4 percent of all counted votes. The DA had 1.3m votes, making up 25.6 percent of counted votes.

The Economic Freedom Fighters had 4.3 percent of the votes [233,226] thus far, and the Inkatha Freedom Party 2.1 percent [116,574].

The Freedom Front Plus secured 1.11 percent of the national vote [59,437] so far, and closely behind was the United Democratic Movement with one percent [54,219].

Some political parties were struggling for survival with less than a percentage point of the national vote.

The Congress of the People was standing at 0.82 percent [44,183], while it was not clear yet if Agang SA would have enough support to secure a seat in Parliament.

By 9am, Agang SA had only secured 0.20 percent [10,841] of the national vote. The Workers and Socialist Party stood at 0.05 percent [2778 votes], and the Pan Africanist Movement 0.02 [1342].