Elections 2016: what we know so far

By admin
04 August 2016

It's too early to say what the outcome will be, but one thing's for certain on Thursday morning – the ANC is in trouble.

Click here to watch the election results stream in LIVE The CSIR's mathematical modeling department at RSG predict the ruling party may take as little as 55% of national support, while News24's analyst David Scholtz says his calculations show the DA will be the biggest party in the Nelson Mandela Bay metro (Port Elizabeth).

If this happens, the political landscape never be the same again - and the ANC will have brace themselves for even bigger losses in the general election of 2019.

In addition to Nelson Mandela Bay metro, Tshwane and Johannesburg are the other main battle fields in the political war. It's still too early to draw conclusions.

Five things to keep in mind while you follow the results

1. The DA won the ANC-Kouga Municipality in the Eastern Cape. The party has few other wards in the ANC heartland. It will be particularly interesting to see what happens in the nearby industrial area, Uitenhage -- if the ANC struggles there, the writing is on the wall.

2. Turnout -- how many people actually went out and voted -- will be low. The lower it is, the worse for the ANC. The DA has so far succeeded in getting its voters to the polls. If the turnout is below 55%, the ANC will suffer heavy losses.

3. In Gauteng, South Africa's economic heartland, the ANC worked hard distance between itself from President Jacob Zuma. The message was: "We are not Zuma in Gauteng."

4. Before the election, there was unrest and violence all around Pretoria Atteridgeville, Hammanskraal and Mamelodi. If the turnout, as expected, was low, the race in that area will be neck and neck.

5. The EFF has worked hard in Limpopo and North West. The party is particularly strong in and around Marikana and the Economic Freedom Fighters were convinced they stood a chance of winning in the Rustenburg area. It's a big test for Julius Malema and co.

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