Elections for expats underway: IEC

By admin
30 April 2014

South African expatriates have begun voting abroad, with those living in Amsterdam and New Zealand casting their votes last night.

South Africans living abroad have begun casting their votes, the Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) said on Wednesday.

"It began last night [Tuesday] in Amsterdam and New Zealand," said spokeswoman Kate Bapela.

"Today, it is continuing in all parts of the world."

Voting was running smoothly.

"So far so good. We have not received any contradictory reports so things are going well."

Voting stations opened at different times in different parts of the world, she said.

More than 26,400 people had successfully applied to cast their ballots abroad. London had the highest number of expatriate voters at 9863, followed by Dubai with 1539 registered voters.

General elections in South Africa will take place next Wednesday.


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