Elizabeth Hurley: 'Losing weight is hard'

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08 February 2016

Elizabeth Hurley is aware of how "exhausting" it is to lose weight, so makes an effort to eat healthily.

The 50-year-old actress looks much younger than her years thanks to her slender figure and stunning looks. She's fully conscious of how much effort is needed to maintain her appearance, so doesn't relax her disciplined diet.

"I wish I went to the gym more often, but I don't," she told Britain's Star magazine. "When I'm in the country, I go for long walks with my dogs and don't really sit down. But I can't have a box of doughnuts whenever I feel like it - sadly.

"Beauty and healthy are definitely connected. I've been very concerned with healthy eating since I became a mum. I do eat sweets, but I'm aware that it's exhausting to have to lose weight again if you put it on!"

Elizabeth has 13-year-old son Damian and enjoys lazy days with her offspring when she can wear "scruffy tracksuits" and barely any make-up. It's a far cry from her character on TV show The Royals, in which she plays Queen Helena. Elizabeth loves being able to doll up for the indulgent role.

"It's a bit like dressing up as a little girl," she laughed. "Every day they bring a big box of jewellery to my trailer, so I choose my gems - and the rocks are huge! I wear diamonds all day and I love it. To be honest, I feel naked without them."

Away from the camera the star boasts just as many glamorous trinkets and outfits. But because of her nostalgic side, Elizabeth admits she rarely throws anything away, meaning she has kept almost every dress she has ever worn - even those she can no longer fit into.

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