Elle Fanning wants to be ballet dancer

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08 May 2014

Elle Fanning admits her dream career would be something to do with ballet.

Elle Fanning dreams of being a professional ballet dancer.

The 16-year-old actress takes part in a dance class at least five times a week and she admits she would love to pursue it as a career but she doesn't think she's good enough. Speaking to Scarlett Johansson in the May issue of Interview magazine, she said: "I go to ballet, like, five days a week and I love it so much, but that's the hardest thing I'll ever do in my life, no doubt. You're good or bad, and that's it. That would be hard to pursue as a career, but in my dream that would be the thing." Meanwhile, Elle - whose sister is Dakota Fanning - surprised herself with her favourite class at school because she thought she'd be into something more performance-led, such as music or drama, rather than science.

'I go to ballet, like, five days a week and I love it so much'

She explained: "My favourite subject is science, which is so weird because I would think that my favourite subject would be, I don't know, something more artistic. I only have two more years left now because I'm a sophomore. But I'm also excited to get out of school."

However, despite her eagerness to finish up as a student, she insists she's learnt a lot about herself as a person since attending the school in fourth grade.

She said: "I was homeschooled up until third grade, and I liked it because my grandma taught me, and I loved being with my grandma. But then I didn't really have any friends, none my own age. So my mum put me in school in fourth grade. It's cool because I've realised things about myself that I wouldn't have if I weren't in school."

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