Employee gets a toe-curlingly awkward SMS from his boss

By Nombulelo Manyana
30 March 2017

Getting a text from your boss can be a nerve-wracking experience at the best of times.

But for Hamza Hendrix one particular SMS left him completely at a loss.

"You're making me so f**** angry, more than anyone I've ever met," the text read. "You're single-handedly ruining my life."


Poor Hamza didn't know how to reply to his manager but later mustered the message:  "Man, what I do?"

It was only then that his manager realised he'd made a horrible mistake and apologised. "Holy s***. I’m sorry Hamza I meant to send that to my wife. I’m really sorry,” read the next frantic response.

text 2

Hamza was more than willing to forgive. But, it didn't quite end there.

Hamza tweeted the conversation with his boss with the caption "Dog I think my manager got some deep rooted issues".  It's since been retweeted more than 94 000 times.

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He decided to ask his manager if he was okay and tried to make him feel better about the awkward situation.

But his next reply rendered Hamza truly speechless and that's when he decided to just stay out of it! Although Hamza is doing okay and over the experience, the same can't be said for his boss and the wife. We wish them well in resolving the issue!

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