Empower your winter wardrobe with these classic looks

15 May 2017

Feminine beauty and functionality are married in this line aimed at creating a new type of power dressing for the modern woman.

ERRE (pronounced “air”) is a label that has been making waves since its debut at Renault New Talent Search Collection in 2014.

The brand is aimed at creating a new type of power dressing for the modern woman; one that merges feminine beauty with functionality. Shapes are made to move in while lines and silhouettes push forward the romantic aesthetic that has made Erre one of SA’s most beloved labels.

Look East

Don’t leave the effortless luxury and ease of a kimono behind as we usher in the cold. Erre has reinvented the classic kimono into a stylish staple that’s perfect for you to wrap yourself in this winter.

PHOTO: Spree PHOTO: Spree

Drama Queen

Inject some drama into your going-out attire with a frilled, flared and perfectly-cut top by Erre. Style with form-fitting trousers so all the drama stays on top.

PHOTO: Spree PHOTO: Spree

Lady Luxe

Billowing sleeves and a body-skimming silhouette is the combination that your winter wardrobe needs to elevate with elegance.

PHOTO: Spree PHOTO: Spree

Back Up

A formfitting dress that delicately dips at the back creates a look that is equal parts sensual, subtle and straight up glamorous.

PHOTO: Spree PHOTO: Spree

Full Circle

Circle skirt detailing adds the kind of flare that has the ability to make your day, all while keeping this pretty, polished and professional.

PHOTO: Spree PHOTO: Spree

Dress Up

When choosing the little black dress that’s going to accompany you during celebrations, special occasions, memory-making moments and more, opt for one crafted by a local design label that’s made the LBD its signature.

PHOTO: Spree PHOTO: Spree

Shop ERRE: http://bit.ly/2qmPENw

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