Energising diets: Which foods to eat for an energy boost

10 April 2017

Feeling depressed, demotivated, or just plain sluggish? It could all be to do with your diet.

While fast, fatty snacks will leave you feeling zapped of energy, it’s also important to know which foods can help boost your energy. We’ve listed seven of the best that you can incorporate into your diet over the course of a week. And with the news that the key to losing weight could be adding frequent snacks to your diet, there’s no better time to include these food sources to your daily eating routine.

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It sounds simple enough, but many people don’t get enough water which leaves them feeling low in the energy department. Top up throughout the day, and if you’re hitting the gym make sure you drink even more to combat the water you lose through sweat.


A handful of nuts or a spread of some peanut butter on bread will help boost your energy thanks to their high protein and mineral content. Adding nuts to your evening meal can help give night time runners some added zest before they pound the pavement.


Packed full of protein, chicken is the go-to food source for weightlifters and bodybuilders. The poultry dish is packed full of niacin, which is essential for the conversion of protein, fat and carbohydrate into usable energy.

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Packing a massive potassium punch, bananas are the ideal snack for people who enjoy long gym sessions as it stops muscles from cramping thanks to their potassium content.


Another protein superfood, eggs are a great meal choice for people looking to build their muscles up.


Normally paired with hot dogs or pastrami sandwiches, the fermented cabbage helps the body maintain energy. Choose if you are a long-distance runner.

Dark chocolate

And finally a sweet treat! Dark chocolate contains theobromine, which helps give you a feel good buzz without robbing you of energy later on. It’s even been reported that dark chocolate can help you exercise for longer.

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