Enrol us into varsity now!

By Lara Atson
15 April 2014

Still deciding on what course to tackle after school? What about a class on your favourite celebrity? We kid you not! Check out these celeb-obsessed courses:

- Miley Cyrus

Skidmore College in New York is offering a course on twerk-queen Miley Cyrus called The Sociology of Miley Cyrus: Race, Class, Gender and Media.It follows her transition from Disney star into adulthood and studies among others her on-stage persona. But sadly you’ll have to learn to twerk in your own time!

- Beyoncé

Rutgers, the state university of New Jersey, has a class on the Queen B herself, called Politicising Beyoncé. The course explores the American race, gender and sexual politics through Beyoncé’s music.

- Jay-Z and Kanye West

Beyoncé’s hubby, rapper Jay-Z, and fellow rapper Kanye West also have a course on them called English 2169 at the University of Missouri. You’ll learn how they changed the history of hip-hop music and compare their music to classic poets. Where do we sign up?

- Lady Gaga

Mother Monster’s rise to fame is studied at the University of South Carolina under the course name Lady Gaga and the Sociology of the Fame. The professor who teaches it, Mathieu Deflem, became famous after the story of his course went viral!

-Lara Atson


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