Eskom announces stage one load shedding

By admin
11 February 2015

Eskom implemented stage one load shedding at 2 pm today, and said there is a "high probability" it will be escalated to stage two tonight.


"As the system remains constrained, there is a high probability that we may move to stage 2 in the evening. We will inform you accordingly," they tweeted.

Earlier today, Eskom said the power system was already under strain.

"Currently the power system is constrained. Our projection is that it will be more constrained later this afternoon and as a result the risk of load shedding is high for today [Wednesday] and the rest of the week," the utility's spokesman Khulu Phasiwe said.

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He urged citizens to switch off all non-essential appliances.

Eskom had found that some municipalities were leaving street lights on during the day. Some people were also leaving their house lights on.

"Street lights need to be switched off during the day," said Phasiwe.

Stage one power cuts were implemented from 6pm to 10pm on Tuesday.

During stage one blackouts 1000MW of the national load is cut, 2000MW during stage two, and 4000MW in stage three.


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