Euthanasia professor betrayed by sister

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09 December 2011

The two brothers point at the photo of the handsome man with the gentle eyes in the magazine on their mother’s lap. “Papa! Papa!” they shout and turn the pages to see if there are any more pictures.

Raine Pan (38) shakes her head sadly as she hugs Flynn (3) and Finnian (18 months). She confirms the man is their father.

They haven’t seen him in months and will have to wait another five months to be reunited with their dad because Professor Sean Davison (50), a forensic researcher at the University of the Western Cape, was recently sentenced to house arrest in New Zealand for helping his cancer-stricken mother, at her request, to die.

Raine is sad but also bitterly angry. She believes they would have been spared the heartache of their separation if it weren’t for Sean’s sister.

Photo: Sean Davison and his sister Mary ­after decorating their mom’s coffin with ­artist friends.

YOU’s Carol Coetzee chatted to Rain about her family’s ordeal at her home in Pinelands, Cape Town. Read more in YOU 15 December 2011.

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