Eva Longoria went fully grey at 18!

23 February 2017

Eva Longoria has been hiding a "full head" of grey hair with fortnightly dye jobs since she was 18.


The former Desperate Housewives star is known for her luscious brunette locks, but she reveals it's all one big cover up - because she followed in her mother's footsteps and lost the dark colour in her hair at a young age.

"I've had a full head of grey hair since I was, like, 18 - thanks mum!" she laughed on US talk show The View. "And because my hair's black, you can see it so fast, it shows! So I have to get my hair coloured every two weeks. It grows so fast..."

Eva, a L'Oreal beauty ambassador, has since found a more convenient way of keeping her grey hairs hidden away, thanks to the cosmetics brand's Root Cover Up spray, which she insists has been a real life-changer.

"I've tried everything," she lamented. "I've tried the mascara ones, I get black eyeshadow and I cover (the grey hairs up), so this is a spray that is not wet, it has every colour range, it's for all textures, it's for everybody and so it's really revolutionary how it can save you time, how it can save you money. It's so good..."

She added, "The great thing about this is it has no residue, no stickiness... and it lasts until your next shampoo, so super temporary, but really does the fix."

The actress, who turns 42 next month, has plenty of reason to keep herself looking youthful - she and her new husband, Mexican TV executive Jose Baston, will celebrate their first wedding anniversary in May.

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