Eva Mendes: Motherhood's exhausting

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04 December 2014

Eva Mendes finds motherhood "incredibly" tiring.

Eva Mendes finds motherhood "incredibly" tiring. The 40-year-old actress and her boyfriend Ryan Gosling welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Esmeralda, in September this year. During a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show she opened up about how she is finding motherhood, admitting that their little one isn't sleeping through the night yet.

'Really, I’m so incredibly tired. I thought I was tired before at times, but no'

“No! No, God no. She’s two months! You know, we’re getting the hang of it, the sleeping thing, but yeah I’m exhausted and it’s the best," she smiled to her host.

“Really, I’m so incredibly tired. I thought I was tired before at times, but no. Nothing like this, but I wouldn’t have it any other way."

Ellen is known for her sense of humour and didn't miss the opportunity to make Eva laugh. Announcing she has an exclusive first picture of Esmeralda, the TV presenter brought up a ridiculous mash-up photo of the actress and Hollywood hunk Ryan.

After seeing the image of the fake baby, complete with perfectly applied eyeshadow and Ryan's sweep of blond hair, Eva couldn't contain her giggles.

On a more serious note, she also revealed how she's managed to drop the pregnancy pounds so fast. Eva looked as svelte as ever in a red dress as she divulged her secret.

“You know, breast-feeding. I’ve always heard it. It really does help to shrink your uterus back to normal size. It does! I know it’s a really weird thing to say, but it does,” she grinned. “It’s the best, yeah. So it’s breast-feeding is really helping and then obviously you want to be healthy for the baby because she’s eating kind of what I’m eating so you want to make good choices.”

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