Even George Clooney gets the blues

By admin
02 March 2012

Gorgeous George Clooney (50) may have lost the Oscar race to Frenchman Jean Dujardin, but to us he was a shoo-in. 

As Matt King in The Descendants he plays a father navigating his way through a life-changing crisis and manages to bring a sense of helplessness and vulnerability to a character he admits he has little in common with.

And to be fair to the Oscar voters, he has won a gong once before: for best supporting actor in 2005 for Syriana.

George has it all: looks, brains, talent, success and charisma. But behind those twinkling dark eyes and that megawatt smile lies a complex man who has his fair share of torment.

In a frank interview with The Hollywood Reporter he opened up about his life, revealing everything from his sleep battles to the fact he lives in constant pain after an accident on a movie set.

Read more in Nicola Whitfield’s article in YOU 8 March 2012.

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