Even the priest was a pooch! These puppy paramours tied the knot in the cutest ceremony ever

By Kim Abrahams
31 March 2017

The heart-melting ceremony even included doggy groomsmen and bridesmaids!

Lally and Kian had been dating for over a year -- so the shih tzus from Laguna in the Philippines decided they were ready to take the next step.

It was love at first sight for the hairy pair after meeting in January last year.

The couple’s road to matrimony was a lavish affair and they even had their very own engagement shoot, which Tally’s owner, Theresa Halili, kindly organised for them.

Her friend, 21-year-old photographer Che Vienes, had the honour of snapping the pair. And while the engagement photos were enough to make any heart melt, they were nothing compared to the adorable snaps from the big day itself!

The pup's beach wedding was attended by 25 canine guests, along with their owners and even included a bridal party. Yes, that’s right: Lally and Kian had bridesmaids and groomsmen.

doggy wedding bridesmaids Lally and her bridesmaids. PHOTO: Che Vienes Photography

Kian and his best man, Coffee. PHOTO: Che Vienes Photography Kian and his bestman, Coffee. PHOTO: Che Vienes Photography

But it gets even better.

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A doggy priest waited at the end of the aisle to formally wed the lovebirds (or love dogs, in this case).

“We had the dog priest named Max the Boston terrier (his human owner officiated the wedding ceremony),” said Che.

“We also had Elouis, the dog wedding singer; behind her humans performed the acoustic version of Can’t Help Falling in Love.

“And the pet owners also prepared food for the reception.”

The wedding guests and married four-legged cuties enjoyed vanilla butter cake, decorated in pink, after the ceremony formalities.

“Just like humans, the best part of the big day was the ceremony, when the cord and the veil were being placed. You’ll be amazed by the love and support of the pet owners,” said Che.

We hope there’ll be an exotic doggy honeymoon too!

Sources: Metro, Coconuts, Cuteness

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