Every day a Valentine

Their recipe for a successful marriage is simple: add one part love, a good dash of trust and a splash of commitment.

But Connie and Shona Ferguson have another key ingredient: friendship. And this year they will put that friendship to the test when they star together for the first time.

Yet it’s a test we know they’ll pass with flying colours because after a decade in the public eye this happy couple have their love match down pat.

The lovebirds will play two of the lead roles in the new M-Net soapie The Wild, set at a five-star game lodge, which starts in April.

Connie (40) stars as Marang Lebone, a wealthy mother figure from an affluent family, and Shona (37) will portray Ithumileng Tladi, a charismatic yet dark character.

It’s Connie’s first big role since her 16-year stint as Karabo in Generations, and Shona’s first since he bowed out of his role as Alex in e.tv soapie Scandal!

“We’re both so excited about working together,” Connie says. “We don’t play a couple in the show so I’m wondering if our off-screen chemistry will affect the way we play our roles.”

They certainly do have chemistry off-screen. They whisper like young lovers and reveal a big secret: they’re planning to renew their wedding vows in November. Celebrating what they have together is part of what keeps their relationship so fresh, Connie says.

“In our home it’s Valentine’s Day every day,” she adds. Shona is a self-confessed hopeless romantic who enjoys spoiling his famous wife with lavish presents, flowers and home-cooked meals. He takes his role as husband seriously, he tells us.

“I believe romance is fundamental to a relationship and I try to do something special for her whenever I can.”

Read more about the lovely couple in YOU, 17 February 2011.