Exams - help your child

By Kirstin Buick
31 October 2013

It’s time for the matric exam and it’s easy for parents to feel powerless, not knowing how they can help their child. We have a few tips for you!

1. Make it a team effort. Involve the rest of the family in keeping down noise and taking over some of your Grade 12’s chores for the duration of the exam.

2. Create a study area at home that’s well-lit, quiet and private.

3. Allow reasonable opportunity for relaxation and spending time with friends to compare notes and unwind.

4. Take good care of your children’s health, making sure they eat and sleep properly. Avoid the temptation to spoil them with fast food or sweets.

5.  Make a photocopy of the exam timetable so you know on which day each subject is written.

6.  On the day of an exam make sure your child eats a healthy breakfast and arrives at the exam venue safely and on time.

7. Make sure they have the equipment they need to write the exam such as a spare pen, pencil sharpener and spare batteries for the calculator for example. Call the school to ask what your child needs if you’re unsure what is required. 8.  Relieve them of chores during the exam – rather let them use the time to study or relax. Share your thoughts:

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