Exciting news for Eldorado Park car-spinning sensation Stacey-Lee May

The incredible clip of the 20-year-old garnered over 330 000 views -- and clearly someone from the sportswear giant Nike saw it too!

"Nike approached me after they saw the video," Stacey gushed. "They asked me to be a brand ambassador for the new Airmax that's coming out, it's called the Vapormax. And ever since then, it's been amazing."

Nike even featured Stacey in a video promoting the Vapormax -- of which only 500 pairs have been made worldwide.

"We shot a video speaking about how I'm an innovator, how we do things differently. Like the takkie is different, I'm doing something different, so they felt that I was the perfect fit for that shoe," she told YOU.

"Because being different, you know, being unique, something that nobody else thought about doing, I'm doing."

The spinner is meeting up with Nike in the coming week to discuss her future with the brand.

"Nike changed the way I see my future because now I can see that anything could happen. Who would have thought a simple person like me could achieve something so great?

"So it definitely changed the way I see myself in the future because now I know I can do anything and my options don't have to be limited, I can just go out and do whatever I feel like doing."

Stacey featured in the 3 February issue of YOU Magazine, and Mini Cooper has also expressed interest in Stacey's endorsement, with the spinner still in talks with the car company.

"I was really excited because it's amazing to see how many people are interested and shocked by the things I do."

Unfortunately, her viral video has also generated some nasty comments -- particulalry from those who think women have no place in the spinning world.

"I saw how many people that don't want to see women grow," she admitted, after a man commented that she should "concentrate more on being a woman".

"Rather give me props, give credit when it's due you know. Don't put me down cause if I'm going up in life, obviously I'm bringing coloured people with me, I'm pulling coloured people out of the dark but some people don't see it that way."

So where to from here?

"I aim to get more coloured people involved and show the world that my generation can do amazing things."