Exciting news for Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall!

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01 October 2015

Sandra Bullock and her boyfriend Bryan Randall are reportedly discussing “spending the rest of their life together”.

It’s rumoured the 51-year-old actress’ relationship with the handsome photographer has heated up tremendously in the past few months.

The couple are said to be so tight right now they have even spoken about what may transpire between them decades into the future.

'Sandra couldn't ask for a better guy'

"Sandra and Bryan have a very busy schedule, so the time they do have, they are with each other," a source told E! News. "They have discussed spending the rest of their life together, but taking day by day and just enjoying each other. Sandra couldn't ask for a better guy. They have a great dialogue when together and say 'I love you' very fluidly."

Bryan has a daughter named Skylar and Sandra is mother to adopted son Louis.

And Sandra is reportedly thoroughly impressed with Bryan’s parenting skills so far.

"Bryan has been an amazing support system to her and Louis,” the insider noted. “They are completely in love and Bryan is by her side. Bryan has not officially moved into her house, but he is spending many nights there as many couples do."

Sandra's marriage to Jesse James ended in turmoil in 2010 after it was revealed he had been unfaithful, leaving her to raise son Louis by herself.

Bryan has somewhat of a sordid past, having previously battled a drug addiction in addition to being sued over unpaid child support.

It’s claimed his history has some of Sandra’s friends concerned, but the Gravity star is hoping everyone will most past that.

“Sandra and Bryan have been dating for six months and her friends are thrilled to see her so happy, but they can't shake off their worries that she's gone for a bad boy again,” a source told British magazine Closer.

"Sandra says Bryan's a great father to Skylar. She believes everyone deserves a second chance and just wants everyone to accept him.”

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