Exciting news for Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris!

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30 July 2015

Calvin Harris' friends are reportedly sure Taylor Swift is The One because he's finally discussing his emotions.

The musical pair have been dating since February and have both openly gushed about each other to the press and online.

'For him there's no doubt that Taylor is The One'

Calvin's friends apparently can't believe how open he's being and say this is it for the Scottish DJ. "Calvin and Taylor have both told friends this is the most serious they've ever been about anyone. Calvin's so private and doesn't ever talk about his feeling to friends, let alone publically, so for him there's no doubt that Taylor is The One. They have already talked about getting a place in New York together," a source divulged to British magazine Grazia.

Swan goals.

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Calvin (31) recently gushed to a British radio station that his girlfriend ticks boxes he didn't even know existed. Taylor (25) also hasn't held back, posting countless pictures of the pair on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. The candid snaps have led to the couple being hailed as showbiz's cutest, but are the photos as natural as they seem? Not according to the source.

Little known fact: Karlie is secretly an unofficial historian/London tour guide. Kind of.

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"Calvin and Taylor are crazy about each other, but they're business-minded too. In April, their management teams started discussing how their romance would play out on social media. First, the decision was made to follow each other on Twitter - which they knew would get people talking. Since then, regular meetings have been held to discuss social media and what to share with fans. Being so high-profile, these things have to be taken into consideration," the insider explained.

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