EXCLUSIVE: Behati Prinsloo’s parents going to America for wedding

By Lara Atson
08 July 2014

They've given Adam Levine the nod, and now supermodel Behati Prinsloo's parents are on their way to New York and then Mexico to attend their daughter's wedding.

Behati Prinsloo’s parents, Boet and Magda, are counting the days until their supermodel’s wedding. The couple flew from Namibia to New York yesterday to visit Behati (25) before she marries Adam Levine (35), the lead singer of American pop rock group Maroon 5, on 19 July in Mexico.

‘‘We’re first going to New York to see her,’’ Boet said from Namibia before their departure. ‘‘She lives in New York but she booked us into a hotel near Union Square (in Manhattan).’’

According to reports Behati and Adam will marry at the Hotel El Ganzo in Los Cabos. The wedding will allegedly take place over an entire weekend. ‘‘Behati is very excited about the wedding and we’ve had weekly contact with her,’’ said Boet.

This will be Boet and his wife’s first visit to Mexico. Their family and friends will also attend. Boet, a minister, will conduct part of the wedding ceremony. ‘‘Adam’s father is of Jewish descent and we suggested that some of the Jewish traditions should be followed.,’’ he said.

He confirmed the wedding would be an intimate occasion and that Behati’s friend, South African supermodel Candice Swanepoel (25), would be a bridesmaid.

Asked whether the couple would have their honeymoon in Namibia, Boet said he didn’t know.

Boet is impressed with his future son-in-law. The Payphone singer and judge on American singing series, The Voice, said earlier in an interview he was nervous about asking for Boet’s permission to marry his daughter. But Boet and his wife are clearly crazy about him. ‘‘We’ve met him and his family and were impressed. They’re normal, loving people,’’ Boet said. We can’t wait to see the wedding photographs.

-       LARA ATSON

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