Exclusive: Game of Thrones star Tom Wlaschiha chats new lead role on Sony Channel

By admin
28 October 2014

GOT actor Tom stars as techie Sebastian Berger on the hit-series Crossing Lines on Sony Channel (channel 127 on DStv). We chat to him about his new role and visiting South Africa.

You might remember Tom Wlaschiha as one of the prisoners from the black cells of King’s Landing, Jaqen H'ghar, in Game of Thrones.

But this actor swapped his criminal persona for a lead role as a techie named Sebastian Berger on the hit-series Crossing Lines on Sony Channel (channel 127 on DStv). We chat to him about his new role, the common ground of Game of Thrones and Crossing Lines and visiting South Africa...

Crossing Lines is a great action packed series which allows the world to see a group of loyal, devoted crime fighters from various countries work together with one goal in mind. This is unique? What attracted you to take the role of Sebastian Berger?

It’s unique in a sense that it establishes a kind of a European FBI which in realty doesn’t exist, yet, but very likely will someday soon as national borders become more and more permeable. I liked the idea of working with great colleagues from different countries and backgrounds and filming in all those beautiful locations across Europe – it’s a bit like a paid holiday.

Sebastian is the ‘techie’ in the group. He is the investigator that has to apply more than the others? What kind of research did you do for this role?

Unfortunately all the technical expertise on Sebastian’s part in the series is just acting. Personally I’m a lost cause when it comes to computers - I just don't have the patience to deal with any problems. Luckily Sebastian also has quite a few emotional backstories so he's not just the computer nerd.

You were in the Emmy and Golden Globe Award winning series Game of Thrones. This is a worldwide phenomenon – but a big change from Crossing Lines? What common ground do you think the two series have?

At first sight not much with the settings and the genre being so different. But both projects bring together a lot of people from different places in an effort to tell gripping stories that appeal to a wide audience. Having played a badass killer on GoT, it's a welcome change to be on the "right side" of the law this time.


You are based in London and Berlin. And speak four languages. Have you ever travelled to South Africa and if so what would you want to see here or have you seen here?

I was lucky to visit ZA twice working on German films, staying in the Cape Town area for a few weeks. I had an amazing time there but not enough days off, unfortunately. I'd love to go on a proper safari and up north next time. You've got such a beautiful and diverse country -- just speaking of it makes me wanna book a long holiday.

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