Exclusive: "I was sad. I cared for her deeply"

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27 September 2013

Francois Hougaard invites us into his beautiful home and tells of his feelings for Reeva steenkamp and his debilitating rugby injury. Here is more photos and a video too.

CLICK HERE for more photos of Francois and his home.

We know him as the tough winger who puts his body on the line every time he runs onto the field for the Bulls or the Boks.

It’s been a roller-coaster year for the tattooed sportsman. His name was bandied about in the Oscar Pistorius murder case after it emerged he’d been involved with Reeva Steenkamp shortly before she’d started dating the Paralympian. Rumours were rife that he’d sent her a text that fatal night, causing a fight between the couple that ultimately led to her death.

It’s an accusation he hasn’t publicly spoken about until now. “People were blaming me for what happened. That was very unfair,” he tells us, visibly stiffening. “I had nothing to do with the situation; I got thrown under the bus.” Read Jessica Levitt's exclusive interview with Francois in YOU 3 October 2013 - on sale now CLICK HERE for more photos of Francois and his home.

A flashback to an interview with Francois last year.

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