Exclusive interview: Tobeka Zuma - a mom, a wife, a beacon of hope

By admin
18 October 2013

Tobeka Zuma talks about life as the president’s wife, her recent weight loss and her dream of a healthy South Africa

They're just like us, aren't they? Sure, there are the many mansions, around-the-clock bodyguards, home gyms and designer clothes. But there's also a longing for quality family time and dealing with the ups and downs of domestic life.

Okay, so they’re perhaps not exactly like the rest of us. But they are just a normal family in many respects, Tobeka Madiba-Zuma, one of President Jacob Zuma’s four wives, tells YOU in an exclusive interview following the furore around pictures published from her Instagram feed.

The photographs on the picture-driven social network made headlines, with many slating snaps of the first lady’s glamorous lifestyle, designer luggage, perfectly manicured nails and a meal of prawns and salad.

Read Asa Sokopo's interview with Tobeka in YOU 24 October 2013

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