EXCLUSIVE: The Script just shot their latest music video in SA!

By Shanaaz Prince
23 July 2014

Irish band The Script paid us a South African visit earlier this month, bringing some good music news and some great entertainment

BEFORE jetting off back to London, where they're now based, Irish band The Script revealed the reason for their recent hush-hush visit to South Africa - they've just shot the video for their latest single, Superheroes, in Alexandra township! In an exclusive interview with YOU, lead vocalist and pianist Danny O'Donoghue, vocalist and guitarist Mark Sheehan and drummer Glen Power said they were excited to be back in SA after their last visit in 2011 as part of their Science & Faith tour. Their latest album, No Sound Without Silence, is due for release in September. “We discussed different places to shoot the video for the single and because we’ve been to South Africa, we knew we would get a great response and welcome, just as we did before,” Mark said.

'Only in South Africa would you get that kind of energy'

The guys were blown away by the response from residents of Alexandra, calling it “phenomenal”.

“Only in South Africa would you get that kind of energy,” Danny said. “We placed a stage in the middle of the street at about 4 pm one afternoon and decided to just play for people and the response we received was not like anywhere else.”

“It was different and eye-opening,” Glen added. “It almost felt a bit like a carnival or festival. It was a lovely feeling with such good vibes.”

The guys were treated to a performance by the Alexandra Youth In Action Ensemble. “It was powerful - you could feel their emotions,” Mark said. “I think that performance was the highlight of our visit to South Africa. It’s at the heart of what we’re doing, it’s about storytelling.”

The band made the most of their three-day stay by spending some time sightseeing. They wouldn't reveal if any more videos would be shot on our shores but, according to Danny, they're very keen to visit SA again.

“We love the people and the experience we have here - we’ll definitely be back!” he said.

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