EXCLUSIVE: The shallow grave where Nicola Pienaar's body was found

30 January 2017

Since Nicola Pienaar went missing on 5 January her mother has hoped for a miracle – that her daughter would be found alive.

But it was not to be. On Monday the news broke that Nicola’s body had been found in a shallow grave in Paarl.

According to reports Nicola’s body was found at about 11 pm on Sunday night.

PHOTO: Misha Jordaan PHOTO: Misha Jordaan

On Monday the Paarl police confirmed that Nicola’s body had been found in the yard of their main suspect’s house in Paarl. But they declined to say if Nicola’s boyfriend, Jacobus Johannes Oosthuizen (32), was the main suspect.

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PHOTO: Misha Jordaan PHOTO: Misha Jordaan

Nicola’s heartbroken mother, Marlaine Pienaar-Vice, told HeraldLive there wasn’t much more to say. “I just want to know why he (allegedly) did it. He must tell me now,” she said.

Marlaine said she felt “blunted” because she’d taken a tranquilizer.

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“Now I’m waiting for the police to come and see me.”

It’s been alleged on Facebook that Nicola was pregnant with Jaco’s child.

Jaco was arrested in Port Elizabeth on 21 January. He was in possession of Marlaine's Peugeot 206, which had been reported stolen.

After his last court appearance on 27 January the case was postponed to 2 February and transferred to Paarl.

Extra source: heraldlive.co.za

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