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21 January 2012

Stay fit with these exercise tips.

In the 12 January issue of YOU and Huisgenoot magazines, South African fitness expert, Lisa Raleigh put together exercises she especially designed for our Beat the Bulge project participants.

But anyone looking to get into shape can do them! Here are exercises in addition to what we featured in our magazines.


Running man

Start in the push-up position with your hands on the floor or elevated on a surface. Bring one leg into your body and as that leg is about to move back to the start position swap legs in the air – like a running motion in a horizontal push up position. Do for 30 seconds to one minute intervals at your own pace and repeat three times. If you have any upper body weaknesses such as sore wrists, practise this for shorter time periods or skip all together.


Hamstring curls

Start with your feet flat on the Swiss ball and your buttocks off the ground. Now lift your pelvis off the floor pushing your feet down into the ball until your shoulders, hips and heels are in a straight line. Keep your buttocks and abs tight to prevent yourself from arching your back. Slowly lower back down without your hips touching the ground. Repeat this 20 times for three sets.



Lying on a mat on your stomach, push into a push up position on your elbows, keeping your legs straight and your head in line with your spine. Keep your abs and buttocks tight to keep you stable. If you feel tension in your back tighten everything more and pull your abs in harder. Hold this position for as close to 20 seconds to one minute as possible. Repeat three times.

Crunches on the ball

Start in position 1 with the ball supporting the middle part of your back. Place your feet shoulder width apart with your knees directly over your ankles. Support your neck (position 1) with your hands. Keeping your chin off you chest, rise up into stomach crunch exhaling as you do this. Hold for a second and then return back to position 1. Repeat for 20 reps and try for 3 sets.


Shoulder press

Stand with your legs shoulder width apart. Start by holding your weights/ tins at shoulder height with your palms facing forwards. Keep your abdominal muscles tight, knees slightly bent. Push the weight directly up above your head straightening your arms. Stop just before your elbow joints are locked lower the weight back down. Repeat for 3- 4 sets of 12- 15 reps.

1 arm reverse fly

You can either stand on the end of the Thera-band and hold the end of the band in one hand or use a dumbell instead. Lean forward (position 1) keeping your legs bent, lower back straight, abs tight and shoulders pulled back. Lift the band/ weight out to the side making ure that your wrist and shoulder are in a straight line when you look out to the side(position 2) and then relax back down to position one. Repeat for 12- 15 reps and 3-4 sets.

Push up

Start with your hands placed on a surface like a bench/ floor/ coffee table with your legs extended out behind you. If you can’t successfully perform at least 8 reps, then start this exercise on the floor and support your body with your knees. Keep your abdominal muscles tight, to prevent your back from arching and keep your head up. Slowly lower your body down to the floor, keeping your form in a straight line. Just before you touch the floor push your body back up contracting your chest muscles and exhaling at the same time. Repeat for 12-15 reps and 3-4 sets.

Tricep dips

You can do this on a bench/a step or a windowsill etc. Sit on the surface and place your hands by your sides on the bench and lift your buttocks off the bench (picture 1), allow yourself to be lowered down until your arms are at 90 degrees (picture 2) hold for a few seconds and recover back up into your start position.


The Lisa Raleigh Wellness Programs run from: Lisa Raleigh Wellness Centre, Musgrave, Durban

The Davinci Spa and Gym, Sandton, Johannesburg

Lisa Raleigh private clients – countrywide, contact journey@lisaraleigh.co.za


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