Face-palm! See the new emojis coming to an iOS device near you

By Petrus Malherbe
03 November 2016

Bacon! Shrugging! Bacon!

Who needs words when you can say it with an adorable smiley?

If you're one of those people (read: pretty much all of us) who likes to express your innermost feelings with a carefully selected emoji, this news will make you ?.

The ever-inventive peeps over at Apple decided to introduce a 72 new, exciting emojis to make your texts shorter, but so much more meaningful.

Can't deal with how slowly the work day is going? Here's a facepalm for you to express that in just one character.


Not sure what you're doing this weekend? Send any enquiring mates the new shrug emoji to perfectly express your indecisiveness.


Want to wish your best friend luck for that big exam/job interview/date? Send them the handy fingers crossed emoji wishing them all the luck in the world.


Was your dinner just too good to describe in words? Add this charming little chap to your Instagram caption. #drool


Foodies will be happy to hear there are a host of new food items in the update, so chatting about your favourite snack will be easier and prettier than ever. Here's what the new avocado emoji will look like.


And there's even bacon! BACON.


And that's not even the best part. The new iOS update will also include some host of emojis of female professionals ranging from a female firefighter to a female farmer.




Every new design on the keyboard for the iOS 10.2 is already available for your perusal on Emojipedia. It will soon be available on all Apple devices when the new update lands. The release date for iOS 10.2 has yet to be annouced -- but we can't wait!

Even the Museum of Modern Art in New York announced that the new emojis have already been added to their original set of 176 permanent emoji collection. What a time to be alive.

Sources: Buzzfeed, Rolling Stone Magazine, Emojipedia

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