Facebook predicts demise of Princeton University

By admin
24 January 2014

In retribution for a Princeton University study predicting that Facebook will lose 80 per cent of its users, the social network has hit back with a study of its own, claiming Princeton University and air will also soon be extinct.

Earlier this week Princeton’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering released a study claiming the popular social network will “undergo a rapid decline in the coming years, losing 80 per cent of its peak user base between 2015 and 2017”.

Critics have said the methodology used was flawed – but Facebook took their critique a step further. “Using the same robust methodology featured in the paper, we attempted to find out more about this Princeton University,” read a post by Mike Develin, a data scientist at Facebook and co-author of the social network’s study.

“Our research unequivocally demonstrated that Princeton may be in danger of disappearing entirely,” continues the post. “Princeton will have only half its current enrolment by 2018 and by 2021 it will have no students at all.”

Develing and co-authors Lada Adamic and Sean Taylor also predicted that air will go the way of the dinosaur. “While we are concerned for Princeton University, we are even more concerned about the fate of the planet – Google Trends for air have also been declining steadily and our projections show that by the year 2060 there will be no air left.”

On a lighter note, the study concluded: “We don’t really think Princeton or the world’s air supply is going anywhere soon. We love Princeton (and air). As data scientists, we wanted to give a fun reminder that not all research is created equal – and some methods of analysis lead to pretty crazy conclusions.”

- Petro-Anne Vlok

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