Facebook removes cheerleader’s hunting photographs

By admin
07 July 2014

Gone but not forgotten: the photos off of Facebook of exotic animals shot dead by American big-game hunter Kendall Jones.

Facebook has removed some of American big-game hunter, Kendall Jones’, photographs. According to the social network the photographs exceeded its standards.

Kendall, a student and cheerleader at Texas Tech University in America, was criticised last week for her photographs on social media showing off the wild animals she’d shot. They included a rhinoceros and a leopard.

Kendall Jones samestelling

Various petitions were launched to have Kendall’s photographs removed from Facebook and even to have her banned from hunting in Africa.

After the photographs were removed 19-year-old Kendall again shared a collection of those that had been removed.

On Thursday last week Facebook said in a statement it was removing content that might encourage poaching of endangered species, the sale of animals for organised fights and content that showed excessive animal abuse.

Sources: Huffington Post, Daily Mail, The Hollywood Gossip

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