Fake Prince Harry: It's tough playing a prince

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25 May 2014

The man pretending to be Prince Harry in a new reality dating series has admitted he felt slightly guilty and found it draining to keep up the act.

A man pretending to be Britain's Prince Harry for a new reality television series admits the constant lying is "draining".

Matt Hicks, from Exeter in south west England, poses as the flame-haired royal for I Wanna Marry Harry - a fake dating show which sees 12 American girls vying for his attention - and although he admits it was great fun, he did find it hard to keep up the pretence.

He said: "I hadn't thought about all of the deceiving and the lying and how I'd feel about that. It was all a bit of fun, but after the process went on, that got a bit draining. The mental side of having to remember every single detail about Harry every time I opened my mouth to talk to the girls."

Matt was given a crash course in all things Prince Harry - including his military career, schooling, friends, exes and hobbies - before taking part in the show, but he claims he did manage to inject his own personality into the "role".

He told TVGuide.com: "I tried to put as much of me into it as possible, so when they asked about my travelling I spoke about the travelling that I've done because I assumed they wouldn't know any different. I wasn't necessarily opening up, but they were opening up to me by the end. And the girls at the end were obviously ones I liked more."

Despite admitting to feeling slightly guilty, he added: "At the end of the day, everyone signed up for a reality TV show. It's all a bit of fun."

-Bang Showbiz

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