Fake wedding date found on Twitter ends up in fairytale love story

By Robyn Lucas
07 July 2017

Unexpectedly, she found the man of her dreams that day.

When Lila Apostolou, from London, realised she might be going to her sister’s wedding without a date she jokingly took to Twitter and asked any available man to accompany her.

Phil Gibson, also from London, responded to Lila’s tweet almost immediately by happily volunteering himself for the job even though they’d never met.

The two didn’t end up going to the wedding together but did end up meeting each other later that week. "I should clarify, we didn't go to that wedding together. It was my sister's; imagine! But Phil and I did meet in real life for the first time that week,” Lila told Mirror.co.uk. Fast forward to three years – almost to the date – the couple got married and shared their special wedding news on Twitter.

Sources: huffingtonpost.co.uk, mirror.co.uk

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