Falcon hit by car miraculously survives entire weekend trapped in grille

By Petrus Malherbe
13 April 2016

When this Lanner falcon was hit by a company’s fleet car on Friday, employees thought it was all over for the bird.

When a Lanner falcon was hit by one of his company’s fleet cars travelling at high speed on Friday Martin Botes from Bloemfontein thought it was all over for the bird of prey.

But he was shocked to discover on Monday he saw the bird was still alive.

“On Friday a colleague driving from Kokstad back to Bloemfontein hit the falcon while she was going quite fast,” Martin writes on his Facebook page.

Martin shared these photos on social media. PHOTO: Facebook Martin shared these photos on social media. PHOTO: Facebook

“She just saw feathers when she hit the falcon and thought there’d be nothing left of the bird,” he continues.

His colleague felt so upset about the incident just parked the fleet car at their office and went home. But “all weekend she struggled with her conscience about the bird that got killed.”

When Martin made his shock discovery on Monday that the bird hadn’t just survived the impact but also stayed trapped in the car’s grille all weekend he immediately contacted a family acquaintance who works and the Bloemfontein zoo.

Soon after zoo staffer Tiffany Tierson arrived, they cut open the grille and Tiffy managed to free the bird from the car. “She took it back to the zoo and amazingly it was completely unscathed.”

Presenter of popular nature show Groen on kykNET, nature expert Dave Pepler, also heard about the incident

“I’ve never heard such a wonderful story,” he said. “Like a cat, this Lanner falcon definitely has more than one life!”

Martin also shared a video sent to him by Tiffany which shows her releasing the lucky bird.

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