Fancy yourself a fan of The Hobbit? Here are numbers you need to know

By admin
21 December 2013

Opening in South African cinemas on 13 December, we look at the highly anticipated movie The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug by the numbers.


Think you know everything about The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, which opened earlier this month? Read on to see if you're a real fundi (and impress friends who don't know these fascinating number facts!).

1 Crew member whose sole job on set was to look after prosthetic hands

4 Tons of silicon were used to generate the facial prosthetics

5 Hours to complete hair, make-up, prosthetics and wardrobe for each of the 13 Dwarves.

7km  Length of toupe tape was used to attach beards to faces

10kg  Human hair was needed for wigmaking

26 Average days shooting on a single set

32 Polystyrene trees, used in various configurations, were used to make the Mirkwood set

65  Number of people it took, including actors, doubles and stunt men, to portray 13 dwarves

80  The age of the oldest vintage microphone used to record the score for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

88  Microphones were used in the film’s scoring session

91  Wigs were created for the dwarves

94  Set models were created for the Trilogy

95  Number of musicians in the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra recording the film’s score

99  Number of studio sets built for the Trilogy

100+ Hobbit feet were made for Bilbo

115 Number of drivers were needed to transport the cast and crew to New Zealand locations

860 Bottles of isopropyl alcohol were used to remove prosthetics

752 Wigs were used. Nearly everyone in the film is wigged

1 200 Extras were needed to be cast for the Trilogy

2 000 Hand-spun goblets were created for Smaug’s Lair

11 862 Prosthetics were made for the Trilogy

140 000+ Cups of coffee made by craft services throughout production

170 000 Punched aluminum gold plated coins trickled over Smaug’s Lair

- Gilda Narsimdas

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