Fantastic tips to make the most of your lovely legs

By admin
19 February 2014

Use these six tips to pamper your pins to make them stand out this summer and beyond

1. Steamed Up

Shave your legs toward the end of your shower. Steam softens the hair so removing it will be much easier. Use an aftershave balm to avoid red bumps.

2. Battle Scars

Use a cream or gel instead of soap and a good razor to avoid nicks. Scarring is often a problem on legs as blood circulation is generally slower there.

3. Smooth Operator

Exfoliate two to three times a week to remove dead skin cells and keep your legs smooth. Use a brisk, circular motion.

4. What A Softy

Apply moisturiser to legs after showering because skin absorbs more when it’s wet.

5. Be Firm

If your legs look a little saggy because of collagen loss, tighten up with firming lotion.

6. Golden Girl

Don’t overexpose yourself to the sun; get a light summer tan with the right products.

Source: YOU archives

By: Jani Coetzee

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