Fascinating video shows what happens to pills in your stomach

By Litaletu Zidepa
07 August 2016

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From painkillers to Vitamin C, most folks take a pill or two daily. But have you ever thought about what actually happens when pills enter your system? Well, Tel-Aviv-based photographer Ben Ouanich aimed to illustrate just that with a few pills, water and his macro lens -- and the results were captivating.

Pain killer pill dissolve in macro #macroroom

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The 27-year-old, who started a YouTube channel The Macro Room, created a timelapse video to show the how painkillers and vitamins react in liquid. “I love macro photography, timelapses and anything that combines creativity and complex technical tools to create unique frames that aren’t possible to be seen with the naked eye,” Ben tells PetaPixel. “In this video I used macro lenses, moving timelapse controller and a variety of homemade tools to expose the beauty behind the process of dissolving pills.”

Vitamin pill dissolve in macro #macroroom

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The incredible process captured by the photographer takes viewers on a step-by-step journey, from the moment the pills are placed onto a dish and then into a water-filled container.

The incredible clip, short though it is, took Ben up to 10 hours of recording. “In some cases I had to gradually heat the water after a period of time to fully dissolve the pills without interfering with the first thin layer,” he told PetaPixels. “The time lapse movement, light changes and the very sensitive macro environment were only a few of the factors that made this project very time consuming and challenged me to find creative solutions.”

Pills dissolve in macro #macroroom

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