Fashion boo-boos we hope never to make (yes, we're talking about you, Kim K!)

By admin
23 February 2014

Thandile Sunduza is not the first person to be ridiculed for a fashion disaster and she will not be the last.

ANC MP, Thandile Sunduza, made the news last week for her fashion faux pas which had social networks buzzing. Memes were created and she was called names for what would seem like a lifetime if it happened to you. DA parliamentary leader Lindiwe Mazibuko took to Twitter to reprimand those who made fun of Sunduza and blamed tweeps for her collapse.


Miss Mazibuko, when you are in the public eye people will analyse what you wear no matter how much we love you, how thin or pregnant you are.

Here are some celebrities who have fallen prey to the ridicule of self-appointed fashion police.

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