Fashion Q&A with Chu

By admin
05 June 2013

YOU reader:

I’m short (1,5 m), plump and 30-something. How do I dress to hide my muffin top and heavy thighs? I don’t like exposing a lot of cleavage or my upper arms. How do I still look trendy without looking frumpy?

Chu says:

A good staple would be dark coloured tapered pants that fit well – they elongate your legs. Pair these with a slight or high heel. Wear mullet tops; they’re all over the shops at the moment – you know, the ones that are short in the front and long at the back. This will show off your legs and hide your muffin top. And you don’t need to show cleavage. A boat neck with a long chain will elongate your neck and draw the eye down your body.

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